Corporate Finance - Financial Products

Corporate Finance - Financial Products

> Mezzanine/Private Equity

Today's acquisitions and buy-out transactions require multilayering of debt and equity investments. We assist at each stage of the development process, from "angel" investment for seed capital, through second and third equity raises and pre-public offering mezzanine lending and investment, to mature "club deal" private equity recapitalization, buyouts and leveraged acquisitions.

We can also represent the users of capital, whether start-ups and mature companies, in their negotiations with investors in connection with working capital, bridge and acquisition investments. Our attorneys often negotiate the unwinding of burdensome, pre-existing investment structures.

> Trade Finance

The international laws of commerce and international trade practices have become increasingly important concerns of our clients. We can negotiate, draft and analyze a wide range of international trade finance documents and their concomitant reimbursement documents and advise in the use of standby and commercial letters of credit and the financing of domestic and international trade transactions and relationships.

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