> Commitment to Excellence

We are committed to excellence in everything we do. Our major asset is our people, so we seek to recruit and motivate people of the highest calibre. We know that without the best lawyers, we cannot be the best firm.

> Innovation 

We constantly challenge conventional wisdom in order to generate new and better legal solutions, while still recognising that sometimes the old way may still be the best way. We stress innovation and creativity in all that we do so that our clients select us for the most complex and challenging legal instructions.

> Teamwork 

Teamwork is central to our culture. We work collaboratively with each other and our clients towards shared goals. We communicate in an open, honest, collegial and constructive manner.

> Balanced Lifestyle

We are output, not input, oriented and reject the culture of long hours for their own sake. We aim to create an enjoyable working atmosphere but we also encourage our staff to pursue their interests out of work, as it makes them better lawyers and more interesting colleagues. The quid pro quo is that we expect our staff to set high standards for their work, and accept the occasional rough with the more frequent smooth.

Omani roots, global reach.